Cheap Auto Rental - Statewide Service | Wallingford, CT
Cheap Auto Rental - Statewide Service | Wallingford, CT

Statewide services!

We take pride in offering the lowest car and truck rentals in Connecticut. Whether your vehicle is broken down, smashed, or you just need an extra car for a few days, we'll save you money compared to the other guys!


We offer guarantee on all our services.


We have 6 local stores

Purchase a reliable vehicle

Pay a low rate for your rental

You can take advantage of daily, weekly, or pre-paid monthly rates that don't change from moment and moment.

We're your local source for dependable, quality used cars from $2,488 - $4,988. You'll save with our buy here, pay here financing!

Call us and you'll talk with a real person — not a computerized voice! Contact us today to receive personalized service.

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